CAMM-1 GS2-24 fólíuskeri

346.567 kr
346.567 kr
VSK innifalinn

Gamli CAMM-1 GS-24 fólíuskerinn er hættur í framleiðslu, GS2-24 er mikið endurbættur og fjölhæfara tæki.

  • Intuitive Software included: CutStudio included, to easily create designs and cut in a simple workflow 
  • Increased power to easily cut hundreds of materials: With 40% more cutting force (30-500 gf) than the previous model, it can cut the most intricate designs from a vast range of media
  • Higher speed: With 70% more cutting speed (10-850 mm/s) than the previous model
  • Highest cut performance accuracy: Precise crop-mark detection to cut designs produced with a desktop printer
  • Monitor Status: Easily track the status of every cutting job with a clear LED signal on the cutting carriage
  • VersaWorks 6 RIP: Benefit from all the advance functionalities of Versaworks
  • Roland DG Connect: Build an efficient and reliable business with real-time analytics